Steele Products SP-CE415M Review

Steele Products SP-CE415MIf you are looking for a heavy duty air compressor that allows you to move it around the job site, the Steele Products SP-CE415M compressor may just be what you are looking for. The hardware is powerful enough to provide compressed air to just about any device you use, plus the larger tank reduces the amount of time you are left, waiting for the Steele Products SP-CE415M to reset itself after running out of pressure. Of course, before you dive headfirst into purchasing the new equipment, it is important to know all the specs about the hardware and what all the pros and cons are of the air compressor.

To start, the Steele Products SP-CE415M has a large, 15 gallon tank. This is exceptionally large for any air compressor in its size category. This allows you to run pressurized devices for an extended period of time, before waiting for the tank to reset itself. Plus the 3.5 horsepower is strong, so are able to connect just about any equipment to the compressed air tank. The large tires on the rear of the device and handle on the front make it easily moved around the work site, unless you need to move up stairs or a ladder, as the equipment does weight just about 80 pounds. Oil lubrication is recommended for the equipment in order to ensure long live for the Steele Products SP-CE415M. There are two pressure gauges built into the equipment, both large enough for you to read, without squinting over the equipment.

The 15 gallon tank is one of the larger tanks you are going to find, especially at the Steele Products SP-CE415M price range. If you work on a larger job site and need continual pressure, this is perfect. The continual air pressure for the device is 2.5 horsepower, allowing you to peak out at 3.5 horsepower. The large wheels on the rear of the device are perfect for moving just about anywhere you need it, which is nice for a tank of its size. At 80 pounds it is going to take a little bit of strength to move the equipment, but the wheels move easily, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem to drag the hardware anywhere you need it to be. The Steele Products compressed air hardware is on the newer side, but reviews for the equipment are extremely positive, especially from Jacob F, stating “Love my new air compressor! I am able to run the compressor at home without much stoppage time. The powerful horsepower does create noise, but that let’s me know it’s working!”

Steele Products SP-CE415M Cons

As with any device you are going to purchase, there are a few downsides to the Steele Products SP-CE415M. The tank is rather loud, so it is not possible to use the air compressor at night. If you like to work on your car or other projects in your garage during the evening and night time hours, you may need to find a different air compressor, or heavily insulate your garage, as this device does produce an exceptional amount of noise. Plus the air compressor does require lubrication, which is easily forgotten. If you don’t lubricate the hardware it is going to begin to dry out and crack, reducing the life of the product significantly. On top of this the device does need to connect to a local power outlet, so it must always be located near a power source, otherwise the Steele air compressor just isn’t going to run.

If you are looking for an air compressor, capable of providing the necessary power for just about any device, the Steele Products air compressor may just be the product for you. The extremely large tank allows you to work without as much stoppage time, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete a project, and possibly sends you home early for a job well done. Plus with the built in wheels you are able to move the Steele hardware to just about anywhere on the job, as long as there is a power outlet nearby. If you want one of the very best, largest and most powerful air compressors in its price range, the Steele Products SP-CE415M is just what you are looking for.

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