Speedway 7678 Review

Speedway 7678Speedway 7678 is a vertically designed air compressor, marketed by the company as a device aimed at completing jobs at a much quicker pace than its competitors. As a company, Speedway boasts of a large array of equipment and items that are extensively used in the automotive industry. Its most well known products include lifting forks, air compressors, welding equipment, chargers for batteries, different mechanical tools and jump starters. With their primary target market being the automotive experts and professionals, the company strives to come up with different products to prove its competitiveness. At present, Speedway produces a large number of air compressors, targeted at both homeowners as well as small businesses.

Speedway 7678 Features:

The Speedway 7678 air compressor comprises:

  • 15 gallon air tank.
  • The device’s wiring can hold current up to 15.5 Amp.
  • Engine that produces 3360 RPM and delivers up to 115 psi of pressure capacity.
  • Manufacturer-provided air couplers, which make it convenient to carry out two jobs simultaneously.
  • Wheels with a diameter of 6 inches each.
  • Rubber feet and AV grip.
  • Induction motor comprises twin capacitor, which starts without heating up and protects the device from getting overheated.
  • Steel air inlet with a solid cast iron cylinder makes the air compressor a durable device to own.

Product Pros:

The Speedway 7678 air compressor scores in several areas, which are:

  • Easily transportable due to convenient portability and user-friendly handles.
  • Lower chances of overheating.
  • Rubber support and AV grip handles absorb the vibrations produced.
  • Convenient for managing two jobs simultaneously.
  • Increased air storage capacity compared to other brands of air compressors.
  • Quicker in dispersing the liquid.
  • Good for a wide range of jobs, which vary from filling the air in tires to spray painting.
  • Practical for home use and small businesses.

Product Cons:

With so many positive attributes to it, the Speedway 7678 air compressor also has a few downsides, which are:

  • Easily damaged.
  • Limited only for domestic use and smaller areas. However, they become secondary for job sites requiring extensive coverage of the spray content.
  • Only stable when standing vertically but can roll out of the vehicle if in any other position.
  • Lesser pressure sustaining capacity than competitor brands’ air compressors.
  • Heavier in weight than other air compressors, which inhibits its portability.

Customer Reviews:

Even with the list of benefits of the Speedway 7678 air compressor, the customer reviews on Amazon.com have mostly been negative. The average rating received by the air compressor on the retailer website is one star, which may come as a surprise to most considering the plus points of the tool. Following are a few online customer reviews for the air compressor:

- Poor customer care – Amazon.com

- The device arrived damaged – Amazon.com

- Abysmal or no response from the manufacturers when asked for a refund – Homedepot.com

The customer reviews are a clear reflection that their complaints are not regarding the air compressor itself but a result of the poor response they received from the manufacturers. One customer on Amazon.com also complained of receiving an air compressor with smashed wheels, misshapen legs and broken cowling. The company’s response to customers’ request of refund was also quite disappointing for the buyers.


It may be important to note in case of the Speedway 7678 air compressor that its negative reviews online have been based on the company’s performance and lack of customer care. Most customers have not complained about the device’s performance, which goes in favor of the air compressor. The poor customer reviews are also a result of the company’s inability to satisfy the customers.

Although the air compressor has an air tank with a bigger capacity, its appalling rating online makes it an expensive device to be bought. A better idea for the buyers would be to browse around a number of online retailer websites and find better air compressor options, which may come in a much cheaper price range. With a price tag of $250 on Amazon.com, the air compressor does not provide value for money. Good news is that the Speedway 7678 air compressor is not your only option as you can discover limitless air compressor options online, right where you are!

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