Senco PC1131 Review

Senco PC1131When considering your new air compressor, if you are looking for a portable unit, with the best power and performance, and great levels of working capability, the Senco PC1131 is one to consider. You are going to get a great unit, which gets 4.4 CFM, providing enough power to complete several jobs from start to finish, with the least amount of effort. The Senco PC1131 also offers an oil splash design and induction motor, which offers the most durable build, that professionals in the industry are hoping to get on a job site. It also has a 4.3 gallon electric oil – splash compresor unit, a universal coupler allowing for the connection of several smaller hand tools, and a light weight design, which makes the unit extremely portable.

Senco PC1131 Pros & Cons

There are several pros to consider when you are choosing the Senco PC1131 compressor for your new unit. It offers ease of setup and use, and you will find that it can be setup in a couple of minutes. It also is very quiet in comparisson to several others on the market, which do not perform nearly as well as does the Senco. It can also run for several hours on end, without the need for downtime to cool the engine down, and to get the power back up, as do other units on the market. It also has several ways to connect different hand tools, and will allow you to get any job done in the shortest periods of time when working on a bigger job. The 4.3 gallon tank is also the perfect size, as it makes the machine compact enough, yet it still offers a large enough tank for you to be able to get larger jobs done, when on a commercial type of job setup.

There are a few cons to using the Senco PC1131 compressor as well. It does have difficult instructions, and is a bit difficult to setup if you are not aware of the way a compressor works out of the box. So, for a novice, or for someone who is using their first compressor, it might be a bit tough to get a hang of it. Also, it does have plastic coverings over the insert slots, which make for a bit less than perfect construction and build. So, if you are looking for a solid built machine, there are a few parts to the unit that are not the most solid build and construction quality you would expect to get in your new compressor.

A customer claimed that the Senco PC1131 compressor offers a solid build, is easy to use, and is extremely easy to get a hang of once you start using it. They also claimed that for the price, the compressor can’t be beat, and it is going to offer you the professional quality you would hope to get, but would not expect to get, from such a small machine. Additionally that customer said that they would only expect the power they got from a much larger, and much more expensive unit. So, if you are looking for an overall great compressor, for a much lower price than other units on the market today, you are going to want to choose the Senco PC1131 compressor. Not only does it offer the portability that you are looking to get, but it is also going to give you the power and performance of a commercial compressor, only is a much smaller package size, making it perfect to do the job anywhere. You are also going to get a compressor that offers several attachment options, for when you do have to connect hand and power tools, in order to complete a larger job you are working on.

So, when you are looking for that great new compressor, you want to take the time to find the best construction and the best possible quality that you can find on the market. So, shopping around, and considering only the compressors that are going to give you the sound quality, the best performance, and the power you are looking for, is something for the purchaser to consider for their new unit. When you are ready to purchase, you are going to want to consider the Senco PC1131.

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