Senco PC1010 Review

Senco PC1010The Senco PC1010 1 horsepower peak 1-gallon compressor is compact, portable perfect for use with small to medium pneumatic tools. It makes tackling a wide array of tasks around the home a breeze. It’s quiet, lightweight and an excellent choice when you are working on crafts and hobbies or doing trim and finishing work. Designed with the hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer in mind, the compressor has a cushioned handle grip which makes holding, carrying and using it easy. It weighs only 20 pounds so transporting it does not require superhuman strength. It is ideal for the homeowner with a small workshop or anyone who wants to do touch up around their home. Whether you are sprucing up for the holidays, upgrading to improve the value of your home or just trying to make your surroundings more comfortable this is an indispensible piece of equipment.

The Senco PC1010 measures only 12.5″ x 10.3″ x 14″. The makes storing it easy and allows it to be used in small spaces. Its ability to provide 20 to 44 drives per minute means you will have all the power you need to complete any task you tackle. Further, the unit takes only 135 seconds to build up enough pressure to drive your tools. Recovery time for this versatile unit is a blazing 35 seconds. This means practically no waiting while the unit builds up the compression needed to complete more extensive jobs. Household projects often take more time and work than people imagine. Having this valuable piece of equipment means no matter how much work you have to do you’ll have the pressure necessary to power the tools to get it done?

Senco products are known for their effectiveness and reliability. With over 50 years of experience providing some of the best products for home and industrial use, you can rest assured your Senco PC1010 is built to last. Senco draws on its years of experience and builds all the knowledge they have gained into each of their fine products. The company has a history of manufacturing top of the line pneumatic and powered fastening systems for use in assembling furniture and cabinets, industrial packaging, constructing homes, manufacturing housing and home remodeling. Their quality workmanship has spurred international respect and demand for their products. When you choose the Senco PC1010 you can rest assured you are getting the very best.

When you buy a Senco PC1010 1 horsepower compressor you are purchasing the ideal unit for your home. Raising a family with young children can be a challenge. Oftentimes parents are forced to schedule their projects around their children’s sleep cycle. When the children are asleep is the only time they may have to do the touch ups or minor remodeling their home needs. This is one reason this unit is perfect. It is practically silent. You can handle your project with no fear the unit will awaken a sleeping child. The unit can even be used in condominiums or apartments without disturbing the neighbors. Many people have concerns about using compressors in their homes when they have hardwood or other types of delicate flooring. With this compressor there is no need to fear. The feet of the unit are covered with rubber making it safe for use on hardwood and many other styles of specialty flooring.

Senco PC1010 Customer Reviews

People who have tried the Senco PC1010 1 horsepower 1-gallon compressor love it. One complaint some customers had was the need to replace the seal after a few months. They reported once the seal was replaced the compressor was a dream to own and operate. Overall they rated it highly. One cabinet installer said he liked the compressor because of its size. He said it was the perfect for him to use to nail moldings on cabinets. He said that it was appropriate for powering his 18GA nail gun for ‘moderate usage.’ Another craftsman said: ‘My other portable weighs 68 pounds. My shoulders ache from the number of times I have lugged it up 78 steps to a job site. This goes anywhere with a bunch of tools in the other hand.’ Looking for an excellent compressor to run small to medium-sized power tools? Buy the Senco PC1010.

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