Rolair JC10 Review

Rolair JC10Home handymen know that having a portable yet powerful air compressor like the Rolair JC10 will make their projects easier. Finish nail guns, sanders and ratchet wrenches can utilize the power of compressed air to take the strain off of the tool user. A variety of hand tools can be purchased separately having universal couplers which connect to the mating coupler found on all air compressors. A rubber air hose running from the air compressor unit to the hand tool should be long enough to allow free movement when in use. Without any tool attached, the air hose can make a handy bench cleaner by spraying the forced air at any small debris, wood shavings or other excess pieces to be discarded. Weighing in at approximately 39 lbs, the Rolair JC10 is a popular choice for home do-it-yourselfer’s.

Although portable air compressors are incredibly handy, the drawback has always been how noisy they are. Almost always over 90 decibels, this level of noise will damage your hearing if used for more than an hour without ear protection. This is the reason Rolair decided to design an extra quiet air compressor for home use. Measuring decibel level at only 60db, the Rolair JC10 is the quietest portable air compressor that still has plenty of power for most of your pneumatic air tools. No ear protection is required for safety, and it will not drown out other sounds around you. Having 2.35cfm @ 90psi, and pulling 8 amps gives enough power for trim and finish work. With a 2.5 gallon air tank there’s more work time between refills of air. It takes about 45 seconds to fill-up when started cold, and only 13 seconds to refill itself when being used.

Compressed air which is used to aid a tool by adding the force of air is called pneumatic. There are a few different ways that air can be compressed, and having the right type is important for the size and amount of force needed. Most people have added air to an automobile tire without knowing they were applying pneumatic power. Compressed air is released in a stream which is forceful, creating power for motors or mechanical tools designed for pneumatic use. The size of an air compressor can be relatively small for home use as with the Rolair JC10 air compressor, or larger like the centrifugal air compressors with capacity for running small aircraft engines. Perfect for home needs like filling up bicycle tires and basketballs, to powering that wooden windowsill sander, the Rolair JC10 is popular for its flexibility. Another added feature is the main air line from the tank to the motor is a mesh metal hose, easy to replace if ever needed. Almost all air compressors use a copper tube which can dent easier and be harder to replace.

Rolair JC10 Customer Reviews

As Dave Reinhold of Monmouth, New Jersey states, “I think you’ll be really happy with this portable Rolair JC10. My only complaint is that the gauges are on the side of the unit instead of on top. If I have the compressor sitting on the floor, I have to bend down if I want to adjust the air pressure.” Other than that, Dave liked the fact that the 1HP, 2.5 gallon air compressor was oil-less. “Where I live it gets cold and I really wanted an oil-less compressor that was able to do cold starts.” Light duty framing and finishing were the two main jobs that Dave Reinhold wanted this air compressor for. Added Dave, “And I really like how strongly built the unit seems to be, especially with the roll-bar cage to protect the air tank and motor.” That’s when 200 lb Dave stepped on the roll-bar cage to prove his point. Watch Dave Reinhold as he tests this machine on Utube.

For a small portable air compressor that really packs a punch, Rolair seems to have provided the most sought after qualities while keeping the cost low. From its solid cast air tank to its stabilizing rubber feet, this is surely a great unit to purchase. Made to travel with its lightweight portability and extra sturdy construction. Choose the Rolair JC10 for a great air compressor that will do the job, and quietly!

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