Rockford CAT1040 Review

Rockford CAT1040I can’t believe the incredible value of the Rockford CAT1040! It has everything I need to complete the chores that I routinely need to do around the house. One time it helped me complete all of my day’s work. Permit me to recount the time it saved me from having to make a repair shop trip.

The Rockford CAT1040 saved me when I needed to do some chores around the house. The grass in my front lawn had grown out of control, my sidewalk was very scruffy-looking, and as yard-work goes in the summer, I had quite a bit on my plate. I needed to trim the hedges, cut the front yard and edge the sidewalk perfectly before my wife got home, and I still needed to install a small awning that would protect our cars while in the driveway from the intense heat.

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The hedges needed a trim after growing wildly all spring long so I brought out my trusty hedge clippers and went to work, but just as I was rounding the second hedge, I noticed that the center nut keeping the giant scissor intact was coming loose. It was no help hand-tightening the screw and it was apparent that I would need an industrial type drill to properly tighten the nut. I remembered I had just received the Rockford CAT1040 for my birthday recently and hadn’t had the chance to try it out yet. I took this as the perfect opportunity to try out my new toy. With the aid of the air compressor and an air drill, I was able to get the nut so tight that I would never have to tighten it again. The drill works pneumatically, meaning it’s powered when enough air pressure builds up within it. Next, I hopped on the riding mower but, to my dismay the front wheels were both deflated. I knew this, again, was the perfect opportunity to let the power of the Rockford CAT1040 shine. It’s great lightweight design made it easy to move it where I needed it and the wheels helped me get it over to the electrical outlet for power. After plugging it in and turning it on for about 30 seconds, it was ready to inflate the tires. I was back on my riding mower and back on schedule to finishing my chores on time.

After the lawn was cut, it was evident that the edges near the sidewalk would have to be trimmed to give it some definition. As it stood, you could not see where the sidewalk ended and the lawn began. This was a job that I quickly completed, but afterwards all of the trimmings fell onto the sidewalk and it didn’t look like a neatly manicured lawn. I needed to go the extra mile and blow all of the trimmings away. I have a walk behind leaf blower with wheels, so I figured it would be easy enough, but wouldn’t you know it? The tires on the leaf blower were deflated. Once again I would have to employ the Rockford CAT1040′s inflation ability, and I finished the lawn shortly thereafter. At this point I was just about ready for a break, but I still needed to install the awning that would shade our cars. The project seemed easy enough, but when it got down to it, I realized the job would need several industrial strength tools. I had to screw certain components onto the frame of the house itself and a regular hand job wouldn’t do. Once again I attached the air drill to my Rockford CAT1040 and I was able to get the awning on and up faster that I ever would have imagined.My neighbor Rick saw me using the air compressor, which he also owns, and stated, “With an air compressor like this you could finish any project.” I agreed.

The only bad thing I noticed about this air compressor was that it’s electrical cord was too short. An extension cord solves the problem easily enough. I would strongly recommend this great workhorse of a machine to any self-respecting handyman and do-it-yourself guy. If you’re that guy, go out and buy you a Rockford CAT1040 right now!

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