Puma PK5020VP Review

Puma PK5020VPThere are certain tools, like the Puma PK5020VP air compressor, that you’ll just never regret having on hand because you’re going to need them sooner or later. While hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers are certainly some of the more common tools on the list, things like an air compressor can be invaluable to a do-it-yourself enthusiast whether you’re using heavy, pneumatic tools or you’re just going to use it to put some additional air in your tires as the seasons change.

So what makes this air compressor from Puma so useful and impressive? Well to start with the Puma PK5020VP has a 2 horsepower engine and it has a 20 gallon tank for holding all of the compressed air that you could possibly need while you’re working hard on whatever project is on the docket that day. The engine’s cylinders are in a V configuration, and there are ball bearings on either side of the crankshaft to help ensure that it runs smoothly. The Puma PK5020VP has an ASME certified tank that will stand up to heavy use, and it’s an ideal air compressor if you find you need one in your shop. It has a maximum PSI of 150, a one quarter inch air outlet, and it can be portable or stationary depending on the particular needs of you and your work space.

While the Puma PK5020VP has some impressive stats, it’s important that you give it a critical look over before you make any sort of decision. On the one hand this air compressor is a great tool to have on hand and it can more than stand up to the needs of a shop, as well as providing ample fuel for any pneumatic tools that you might need whether you’re running a saw or putting in roofing nails. The compressor can provide power and functionality aplenty, no denying. However, it is more than a little heavy duty for jobs that may require a lighter touch like running an air sprayer for automotive paint. Additionally, while the Puma PK5020VP is mobile for an air compressor of its size, that doesn’t mean that it’s always convenient. While you can wheel it around a shop on a flat floor easily enough it will be more than a little more problematic to haul it up to a roof or to pack it into the back of a vehicle for transport to a work site.

Puma PK5020VP Customer Reviews

Of course the customers who’ve bought this particular air compressor model in the past have been fairly vocal about their purchase. On websites like Northern Tool and Equipment, customers who bought the Puma PK5020VP air compressor ranked it on average 3 stars out of 4. That’s more than a passing grade by almost any standards you’d care to use. Some customers stated that their units had flaws such as air leaks or damage to the unit do to travel or improper assembly, but these cases appear to be the exception rather than the rule. By and large when a customer received their Puma air compressor, and there weren’t any technical errors or malfunctions to get in the way of regular operation, they have been very satisfied with the unit’s performance. In these cases it starts right out of the packaging, runs according to the diagnostics, and it holds pressure even when the air compressor is idle. Additionally, for those replacing older model air compressors, the PK5020VP ran much more quietly than the older models did.

So, do you find yourself in need of a PK5020VP air compressor? That all really depends. If you have an air compressor that works just fine, or you find that none of your projects require access to a 20 gallon tank with a high PSI rating, then you should be able to soldier on without adding one of these to your garage. However, if you find that you’d like to have an air compressor that you can use for vehicle maintenance, and which will provide you all of the compressed air you could ever want for your tools to function, then you should give it some serious thought. After all, maybe the Puma PK5020VP air compressor is just what you need.

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