Porter-Cable C2004-WK Review

Porter-Cable C2004-WKThe Porter-Cable C2004-WK is a four-gallon portable electric air compressor. It has a capacity of 165 psi capacity. It also includes a 25 foot polyurethane hose. This portable air compressor delivers great performance. It allows more usable air to be packed in. The compressor is an oil-free design that is a allows maintenance free operation. The motor is 120 volt and starts easily in cold weather. It can be used with or without an extension cord The tank is 4 gallons which allows a long run time. The pump is oil and maintenance free. The body of the compressor weighs only twenty nine pounds.

The Porter-Cable C2004-WK controls (regulator control valve, tank pressure gauge and tool pressure gauge) are straight forward. The control valve is easily adjusted and the dials are easy to read. This new compressors was launched as a lighter and quieter compressor. These are very important features on small portable compressors as they are used for taking care of small projects and for trim work. Although this porter cable appears to be a small compressor, it does the job of much larger versions. This compressor produces up to 165 psi and, at the same time, operates much quieter than other larger compressors. It is a very impressive compressor. The compressor has two factory-installed couplers. This is a great feature for multiple nailers. It also has a 25′ polyurethane hose with factory-installed settings. This compressor is perfect for punch lists, carpentry and other home projects, and other home owner projects. The compressor is recommended for anyone in the market for one. The technical specifications of this Porter-Cable C2004-WK are good. It is a quiet compressor and worth the cost. It is light and easy to carry around. However, ear protection is always recommended when using a compressor. The hose is user friendly for new compressor users. This porter cable was given a four star rating.

Porter-Cable C2004-WK Customer Reviews

Customer review on March 4, 2011 of the Porter-Cable C2004-WK: “We used this all day yesterday with the short polyurethane hose it came with. I wouldn’t want the hose on a jobsite, but actually, it’s surprisingly good around the shop or around the house. It lies flat and coils neatly for storage. It’s only real shortcoming is the 25-foot length. Otherwise, we were surprised that it was better than expected.”

The pro’s of the Porter-Cable C2004-WK are:

  1. Size – the small diameter
  2. Noise – It is not as loud as other porter cables
  3. Convenience – It is not a heavy product. Make it convenient to carry around. It is 6 pounds lighter than the previous model. The weight is balanced well. The product feels lighter than it really is when carrying it
  4. Fit – The product has a ball valve tank drain
  5. Layout – This 4 gallon model has a nice layout. Whoever has used the bigger model will be happy with this one. The safety valve is perfectly positioned to prevent damage to the safety valve. In addition, the safety value’s position makes it easy to reach when pre-start testing is performed
  6. Solid – The product is well built and is solid. This model feels durable.

The con’s of the compressor are:

  1. Information – It is hard a lot of information about this model. Perhaps because it is still fairly new
  2. Price – This model costs a little more than the larger model
  3. Weight – Although the model is easy to carry and isn’t extremely heavy, it’s not much lighter than the larger model. Isn’t convenient for carrying up a ladder or for using overhead
  4. Fittings – The fittings on this model aren’t manufactured to the best quality. The model doesn’t leak and is not the worst quality model, but the fittings could use an improvement
  5. Plastic – It is the same material as the larger model. The plastic parts have never been a problem or have never failed. However, the carrying handles would be better if they were laminated around the steel. It would ensure yanking on the handles when grabbing the product. .

The Porter-Cable C2004-WK was rated five stars for breakdown. Buy your very own Porter-Cable C2004-WK today.

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