Porter-Cable C2002R Review

Porter-Cable C2002RIf you are in the market for a portable and easy air compressor to use for all your jobs the, Porter-Cable C2002R will meet your specifications. It is remarkably uncomplicated to use and the pancake shape makes the unit extremely stable and light enough to move from place to place. The rubber feet attached to the unit won’t hurt your wood floors. The handle is made of an improved covering for ease and comfort when moving the compressor. The Porter-Cable C2002R also has an attractive console cover that can be wiped down with a damp rag to clean.

Professional carpenters and woodworkers alike depend on their compressors every day for the final touches on their jobs. The unit helps many people design fine furniture and putting those last quality touches on crown molding for a beautiful touch. It’s a perfect size compressor for the professional or the handyman at home doing all sorts of fix up projects. The unit is durable and anyone who uses it will get years of quality use from it with little wear and tear. With an oil free tank, you won’t have to worry about oil spills or leakage from the unit. Being oil free also makes it maintenance free of line issues and repairs. The compressor is powerful and has a built in overload protection that is thermal and automatic. The compressor runs at 40 pounds per square inch, which makes it recharge the six-gallon tank much faster. The Porter-Cable C2002R has 2 air outlets and a drain valve to release water. The compressor only takes two minutes to refill when it is empty. It also has two regulated couplers so two people can use the unit at the same time.

The powerful air pressure makes for a fast recovery time for the compressor. The tank stores a lot of air pressure so you will have a longer time to use the compressor on your projects before having to recharge. The compressor runs on a 120 voltage which means you can plug it in almost anywhere there is a normal electric outlet. It can also be used with an extension cord so you can reach jobs in many different areas of your project. The Porter-Cable C2002R is designed to start easily in cold weather with or without the use of the extension. The unit is easy to carry and the cord wraps up for safe keeping. The compressor has a quality regulator so you can keep your power tools running at a safe pace and longer before recharging. The compressor weighs only 34 pounds which make it easy to move around.

Don’t over use your compressor. Like any compressor that has been used for long periods of time, it can become overheated. Once a compressor is overheated it can cause a fire, making it a safety hazard on any project. If you do have this problem with your Porter-Cable C2002R, make sure you stop using it and unplug it immediately. Some people have found that the unit leaks around the black top after a year or so, but the unit keeps on working with enough power to take care of those needed projects.

Porter-Cable C2002R Customer Reviews

There were more then 70 reviews found on the Porter-Cable C2002R and over 65 of them found the compressor to be reliable, and extremely well made for its price. The compressor worked great for the applications they needed to complete at home, but got a bit bogged down on larger jobs. They liked the lightweight of the unit, compact size and how quiet the unit worked. Negative reviews were that the unit broke down to quickly, and didn’t perform well under pressure. The positive reviews far out weighted any problems and most problems were fixed or replaced by the manufacturer.

The many features of the Porter-Cable compressor makes it a perfect piece of equipment to help you around your home. Being light weight in design, and having a long lasting pressure time, you will get your projects done in no time. The round pancake shape gives your unit the stability for almost any surface, and the oil-free motor relieves you of the stress from leaks and maintenance problems. The cover on the console protects all the important parts from rain or damages from being banged around. So if you are looking for a fast reliable compressor that will give you years of service, you can’t go wrong with the Porter-Cable C2002R compressor.

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