Porter-Cable C2002-WKR Review

Porter-Cable C2002-WKRThe Porter-Cable C2002-WKR weighs approximately 34 pounds is extremely easy to use, transport, and store because of its low profile design. As a pancake-style air compressor it will deliver more SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) for short periods of time. The Porter-Cable C2002-WKR air compressor comes with a 6-gallon tank. It also comes with several accessories, including a 25 foot hose for use with multiple attachments. The second port gives it versatility for use in a 2-man roofing or flooring job, and is more than adequate for use with an air gun, caulking gun, drill, brad nailer, airbrush, or commercial spray gun. The multiple uses make it the ideal air compressor for the DIY project or for small construction jobs.

The Porter-Cable C2002-WKR does not require oil and therefore, works well on inclined surfaces. It plugs into a standard outlet and with between 3.7 and 2.6 SCFM it recharges quickly. The pressure gauge is easy to read, and it delivers 150 psi. The Porter-Cable C2002-WKR comes with a 13 piece accessory kit to give you all the tools you will need. It’s a great unit for the “Honey-do” list or for emergency air when the weather changes from hot to cold, and your tires lose air. They’re also good to have around the house for the family that is athletic and needs a source of air for the basketball or volleyball. In fact, many sports sets for outdoor use only include a valve stem, and you need to find a source of air to inflate the balls. Other uses might include blowing up the ring on an outdoor swimming pool, or inflatable accessories for the children saving you several hours of work and stress.

One gentleman—J. Carlisle of Canton, MI—who purchased the Porter-Cable C2002-WKR was particularly impressed with the over-sized handle, the second air port, the accessories including the 25 foot air hose, and the features on the side pump housing. He felt that the 150 psi with 120 psi recharge pressure allowed for his framing nailer to run longer. He purchased the Porter-Cable-2002-WKR to replace an older unit he owned. He’s a mechanical engineer and definitely knows what he needs to do the jobs around his home. He found the air compressor did what he needed for it to do and feels that it will last the 10 years that the manufacturer suggests.

Porter-Cable C2002-WKR Pro & Con

On the down side, another gentleman felt that the Porter-Cable C2002-WKR never delivered more than 40 psi, and he was disappointed with its overall performance. He also complained that the pressure valve seemed to be cheaply made and did admit that it was possible he had purchased what might have been a bad unit. The manufacturer does recommend draining the water after each, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance air compressor the Porter may not be the unit for you. There are some jobs that utilize heavier air tools and require longer-run times that would be better suited to a larger air compressor. When purchasing an air compressor such as the Porter the most important feature you should consider is the SCFM. The size of the tank and the type of use it will be put to is also important. An oiless air compressor should not be used more than 4-times a year for extended periods of time. If you’re purchasing a compressor that will be in use on a full-time basis, it’s better to choose one that uses oil and has a cast-iron pump, induction motor, and belt drive.

However, the Porter air compressor delivers plenty of pressure for most uses and is easy to store. It’s easy to assemble and easy to maintain. It can be ready to use in just minutes and will be there when you need it. You will find most jobs much easier, and you’ll never be without air in emergency situations. Especially with winter closing in on most areas of the country, there are many uses for an air compressor that will save you heartache and worry. It’s a great buy for the money and readily available for purchase on the internet. Don’t waste time and energy, purchase the Porter-Cable C2002-WKR today and make all those DIY projects or emergencies go smoothly.

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