Porter-Cable C2002-WK Review

Porter-Cable C2002-WKWhat sets the Porter-Cable C2002-WK apart from other air compressors is its easy portability and zero reliance on oil for running. The air compressor has been designed in the pancake style, comprising an induction motor, which enhances durability and ability to perform. The Porter-Cable C2002-WK can easily be used with the electrical wiring in homes and is useful for a number of daily tasks such as inflating tires, blowing dust off different items and cleansing filters.

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Features:

  • To make sure that the air compressor performs for a longer time, the air tank reserves a larger amount of air with a capacity of up to 150 psi.
  • Manufacturer-provided plug and air coupler come along with the compressor’s air hose, preventing any leakages and saving labor costs.
  • According to ISO-1217, 2.6 SCFM at a speed of 90 psi permits the air compressor to recover in lesser time.
  • The capacity of the pancake design air tank is 6 gallon, with additional attachments like rubber support and water drainage pipes.
  • With low requirement for current, the 120 volt engine can be started with convenience during colder climates.
  • Additional extension cord for starting the air compressor engine.
  • The Porter-Cable C2002-WK pump requires no oil for to perform.
  • Portability becomes easy with a protective cover and handle.

Product Pros:

  • Weighs only 34 lbs., which makes it a practical device for everyday device.
  • An ideally designed device for domestic needs like filling the air in the tires and clearing dust.
  • Using the air compressor to its full capacity, when needed, helps in knocking tougher wood material when working with a nail gun.
  • Capacity to sustain higher levels of pressure enables the equipment to restart at 120 psi, where most of the other air compressors shut down.
  • The air tank with a capacity of 6 gallons and 90 psi pressure endurance gives the tool an edge compared to most air compressors of its category.
  • Higher durability with impressive security features such as the provision of two hose couples that help the users lock the Porter-Cable C2002-WK wherever they are.

Product Cons:

  • Cannot be relied on as the primary air compressor when working on projects in rough conditions. In such situations, the device is weaker than its oil-based counterparts.
  • The Porter-Cable C2002-WK air pressure is not enough to assist in the working of an air chisel, chipper gun or any other equipment requiring a larger amount of air.
  • The light weight of this equipment may sometimes be its biggest enemy as it can be easily knocked over if not standing still. Needs to be carefully guarded when being transported through a vehicle.
  • The air compressor is only practical for domestic usage and not for commercial use.
  • Noisy compressor.

Customer Reviews About The Product:

The Porter-Cable C2002-WK has received an overall rating of 4 stars on Amazon.com. Most of the customer reviews on the site have shown appreciation for the device, saying that it helped them accomplish their daily tasks without any difficulty, while some users criticized the device for its limitations:

  • Excellent garage compressor.
  • Small but powerful compressor.
  • Okay, but do not expect lots of air.
  • Defective products.
  • No pressure buildup.


While this is one of the best devices for use by homeowners and small businesses, it can only be used as a subsidiary compressor when working on large-scale job sites. For homeowners looking for an ideal air compressor for daily use, the air compressor might be your answer. This device can be ordered easily from online sellers like Amazon.com. Offering great value for money to the domestic users, the equipment manufacturers have made sure that it caters to the daily needs of its customer base.

The compressor is noisy, which is one of the major disadvantages of this device. However, the compressor makes up for the noise it creates by proving to be a device with premium performance capabilities. With most users regarding it as a must-have equipment, the device’s success is no hidden secret. So why wait? Log on to the internet and order your Porter-Cable C2002-WK right away!

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