Porter-Cable C1010 Review

Porter-Cable C1010The Porter-Cable C1010 is a heavy duty compressor with a 1 gallon capacity. This amazing small yet powerful compressor produces compressed air at a standard rate of ¾ standard feet per cubic minute, abbreviated as SCFM. This is at a rate of ninety pounds per square inch and a maximum of 135 PSI. This compressor is a pretty silent piece of equipment with noise levels at a mere 71 decibels. It is much quieter than other compressors in the market today by up to 50 per cent. This modern compressor is suitable for use indoors as employees, professionals and management can hold conversations even as the machine is on and is delivering compressed air.

The Porter-Cable C1010 is fitted with a 2.6 Amperes motor. This motor is to aid in start-up. The compressor is able to start and operate even under tough conditions, in cold weather and when an extension cord is in use. It comes equipped with a high flow regulator that enables the delivery of elevated compressed air volumes. This helped improve the time required to undertake a certain task and increase the efficiency of the task performance. The Porter-Cable C1010 has a high performance, long life and oil free pump. This pump helps by enhancing the pumping capability of the compressor unit. The benefit of the oil free pump is that it operates without the need of frequent and constant checking of the unit or the need to refill any depleted oil. This is an advantage worth mentioning. The oil-free pump is an added advantage as it does not leak any oil, making it ideal for indoor use as well. There will be no oil leaks on the work surfaces or the floor where the compressor will be used.

Due to its compact nature and portability, this Porter-Cable C1010 air compressor is an ideal companion for professionals such as engineers who may need to take it indoors with them for work, testing, operations or other purposes. It measures a mere 9 inches across and weighs a paltry 24 pounds, making it one of the lightest yet powerful compressors in the market today. It comes with a great narrow suitcase design that allows easy carrying and portability. It can fit in most spaces such as the hood of a car, the spare wheel compartment, underneath a table and such locations. It can therefore be transported for use at far off distances without the need for complex transport and energy arrangements. To make on site use of this portable compressor even more comfortable, it comes equipped with a universal, one hand, quick connect system that enables easy and user-friendly operation of the unit. This makes the Porter-Cable C1010 a great companion for all for wherever compressed air is required.

An important design feature that this Porter-Cable C1010 compressor has is a drain valve referred to as the ball drain valve. This is valve is exquisitely designed to allow a speedy drainage of the compressor tank whenever it becomes necessary. It also comes with a conveniently designed cable wrap system that prevents the cable from folding awkwardly or getting entangled. The compressor is aptly designed to be a durable piece of equipment that is safe for use, portable and efficient in operation. It has an innovative design that features a cage that protects the unit from wear and tear, the elements and other forms of damage. The roll cage offers full protection to the unit, keeping it safe in storage and in operation.

Porter-Cable C1010 Customer Review

Mike Kemp, Colorado, USA

“I just bought this portable compressor but disposed of my previous 6 gallon compressor. This unit is fairly quiet in operation; the noise level is acceptable. I bought this unit for trim work and drywall texturing. This particular unit is for installing hardwood floor using a pneumatic floor stapler. The unit works great. It feels like it has been built to last and recharges fairly quickly. I know how well Porter cables tools and compressors hold up and I think this one is going to last. I am impressed by this compressor”

The disadvantage with this compressor is its much smaller in size and so works much harder than regular compressors. However, this Porter-Cable C1010 has been rated as an excellent compressor by its users.

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