Makita MAC5200 Review

Makita MAC5200The Makita MAC5200 is an industrial level air compressor with the durability and rugged engineering that customers have come to expect from Makita products. It is a compressor made for woodworking, painting, caulking or any type of construction. As any product like the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor being sold online, there are going to be a variety of opinions about the service from the parent company, especially when it maybe delivered by outside delivery companies or shipped from third party sellers. Sometimes this can be a problem, but a company like Makita will stand by its products.

The public opinions about the Makita MAC5200 are generally positive in nature, but the review from Gale A. Myers of Oklahoma City is being used to illustrate several points, ” My MAC5200 made a lot of racket when I first started it. I shut it down and checked it over, then tried again. More racket until I put my hand on the compressor unit. It got quiet. Checking some more, I found that there were no mounting bolts to mount the compressor to the frame. I called Makita and they couldn’t believe it. I could hardly believe it myself. They sent the four bolts to me overnight. I couldn’t get them in because of the plastic heat shield. Its holes didn’t line up properly, but the holes are not critical to holding the heat shield in place, so I burned the holes bigger with a soldiering iron. After that the bolts went in easily. Now my MAC5200 purrs sweetly. I love it. I have not had a problem with the wheels on my machine. It pumps the tank to 150 psi in about two minutes and will hold the pressure overnight with little if any leakage. I run roofing and framing nail guns and other air tools with it. As I said, I love it.”

Makita MAC5200 Pros & Cons

Every product on the market has good and bad points from the consumer point of view. This review about the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor illustrates several things that should be considered with all quality products. There are several reviews that speak of similar in house problems at the manufacturer, as well as shipping issues with boxes arriving damaged or worse. In none of them did Makita not rectify the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. This is illustrated in the above review, so it is important to consider this before writing these problems off totally on the parent company. Often a manufacturer like Makita must out source its packaging and it should be no reflection on the quality of their products. Another set of reviews also mentions problems with the translations of the Makita product manuals, this maybe true. Again this is probably not the fault of Makita directly. If a company takes care of its customer issues directly and swiftly, they usually are still worthy of consumer trust.

The high quality of their products in general speaks for itself with a company like Makita, but if you have any doubts then look at their warranty policy. This is the biggest plus about the Makita MAC5200 and all products made by their company. If customers are not satisfied with any Makita item in the first 30 days after purchasing it, then Makita will refund or replace it. The warranty guarantees all products will be free of defects for a full year, or return the tool with prepaid shipping to Makita. They do stand by this warranty without blinking. This along with the versatility of this compressor for almost anything you can imagine using it for, make it an hard working original.

If you have never owned a Makita tool before, then now is the time to start being amazed by the quality that only a great manufacturer can supply. All around there are many reasons why consumers should consider buying a product like the Makita MAC5200 and that is even with the speculation of problems with delivery companies. The Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor is a well engineered piece of machinery and that is to be sure, but coming from a reputable company is its biggest selling point.

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