Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK Review

Iron Horse IHHD103L-AKWhen you are looking for quality right out of the box, you are going to want to consider the new Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK compressor when you are ready to make the purchase decision. Not only is the unit extremely compact, light weight, and easy to take around to any job site, but it also comes with a 20 piece accessory kit, allowing you to do any job you have to complete. The Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK also offers a hand carry model design, so that you are able to transport it from one job to the other, with the slightest of ease. And, the fact that it is only 53 pounds in weight, makes it easy to use for any job, no matter what size job you have to get done. It also comes with a 25 foot air hose attachment, in order for you to add other attachments as needed for a job. The Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK compressor offers a cast iron cylinder, and comes with a 3.2 gallon air tank capacity, getting up to 5.1 CFM, at 90 PSI, which can handle any job or task that has to get done on the job. Also, it is oil lubricated, for longer life, and more on the job use, without you having to worry that the engine is going to burn out.

There are many pros to the Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK compressor, including the fact that it offers a cast iron frame, making it able to handle any work conditions. Also, it is very easy to set up, and the fact that it can get up to 90 PSI in no time at all, makes for a great unit. The portability and light weight unit also make it extremely easy to take around from site to site, and job to job, without much effort at all. And, the 20 piece accessory kit, along with the several options for connecting portable hand tools, make the compressor one to consider when you are looking for a great unit.

There are a few cons to purchasing the Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK compressor unit as well. It is quite loud when in use, making it very noticable that you are working on a project. It is also going to require that you give the compressor a break when working on larger jobs, in order to get the power levels back up, and to continue to do the job at a quality level. And, although it is a solid cast iron design frame, this dose make for more heat being conducted when the machine is in use, therefore you are going to have to give it some time for a break after a few hours of use, so that you can get the heat levels down.

Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK Customer Reviews

One customer made the claim that the compressor was the cheapest and smallest they could find. They also stated that it offered the perfect level of power to handle the work needed to be done in their factory. Additionally, the customer claimed it is an extremely rugged machine, and can withstand the toughest jobs in the plant. He also stated that when using it in the factory, he can quickly jump from one task to another, with the slightest of ease. Although there are a few cons, the buyer is going to find that the pros of the Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK compressor outweigh them, and make the purchase choice an obvious one. Just the additional accessories, and the several different connection options make the compressor a great option alone. Plus, the fact that it is a much cheaper option, than other brands on the market, makes this compressor a much more desirable option than other compressors on the market today. Also, the fact that it is lightweight, and easy to transport, makes it a great compressor for those who use it for both commercial and residential work.

So, for those who are on the market for a new compressor, that is going to deliver the power and performance you need, on any job site, or in the house, you are going to want to take the time to consider several compressors. But, when it comes time to make the purchase decision, you have to make sure that you choose the compressor that is going to deliver the power you are looking for, and you are going to want to consider the Iron Horse IHHD103L-AK compressor for the purchase decision.

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