Hyundai HPC6060 Review

Hyundai HPC6060The Hyundai HPC6060 is the most prestigious equipment from Hyundai Air Series compressor quality line of products. It is designed purposely for those who work on weekends. It is a must to own one either for house hold chores or for professional use. This powerful compressor is so dependable you can finish your work in a jiffy. HPC6060 is very much ideal for the first time users and for the veterans as well. Easy to use and quick to punch, this powerful air compressor is a friend indeed.

Product features of the HPC6060:

The Hyundai HPC6060 is a powerful and dependable air compressor. This powerful compressor is equipped with a 6 gallon air tank, 25 inches air hose and a seven piece accessory kit that contains blow gun, rubber blow gun tip, coupler attachment, safety nozzle, extension, tapered inflator, inflation needle. . Other accessories included are impact wrench, ratchet and a 2 in 1 brad nailer or stapler. The 6 gallon tank is installed with a 1.5 hp motor so powerful it can be used longer while producing fewer cycles and with large gauges for easy pressure reading. The HPC6060 air compressor can produce a maximum pressure of 125 psi with a cooling system ratio of 40psi: 3.2psi. The minimum pressure is set at 90psi with a 2.5psi cfm. The pup speed is set to a high of 3400rpm with power supply of 120 volt/60hz. It can be easily transferred from one point to another since it is equipped with two flat-free and durable polymer wheels. Handling is convenient with the extended handle allowing lateral motion. High quality performance is delivered by its oil free compressor pump. No additional maintenance is needed for the compressor pump since it is oil-free guaranteed. Full range features and capacity makes the Hyundai HPC6060 a favourite among its class of air compressors.

Applications and disadvantages of the HPC6060:

The Hyundai HPC6060 is perfect for all wood related jobs. Its powerful air compressor doesn’t back down any hard pieces it is faced with. Perfect for erecting fences and constructing decks, installing crown moldings, baseboards, floorings, walling partitions and other wood related jobs. Erecting or constructing a wooden house is done with ease and convenience. You don’t need to hammer your way through hard lumber just to get the job done. Its flat free wheels make it easy for you to transport the HPC6060 from your place to your working site. Its 25 inches hose is given an extra coupler for extension hose connection. So whether the job is located on the second floor, you can still reach it while the air compressor sits comfortably on the ground.

Actual review of W. Crawford (Transylvania), 10 of 10 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars. Great deal! Great quality!, February 16, 2011

Can’t beat it!

Air tools are rated to run at 90 PSI. They all work, but I haven’t had the chance to actually use them on something. Hyundai HPC6060 is a perfect kit for me. I’m starting out to use one myself and I have no prior knowledge on how to use one but I managed to run it. The air compressor is superb. Built in hose is durable, not just some fancy easy to wear out type of hose. Work is just so easy that I feel I can do a lot more work with this baby. It’s worth it! Every dollar spent is on this equipment is worth it. You will have no regrets owning one. After a couple of jobs, it just amazed me it can last longer than I thought. I started at around 8 in the morning and finished at 7 in the evening and this air compressor just accompanied me all along. Never gave up on me. It’s sure nice to own one.

The Hyundai HPC6060 is really powerful. It makes hard job an easy task. It is fully equipped for reliability. You don’t need for an additional maintenance with its oil-free compressor pump. The HPC6060 is a great deal of help in homes and for construction companies. You can purchase in on-line stores or visit your local stores for your new Hyundai HPC6060. It’s simply great to own one.

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