Grip-Rite GR100 Review

Grip-Rite GR100If you are looking for a portable air compressor to take on the job site, look no further than the Grip-Rite GR100. This device allows you to take compression based tools anywhere on the job site, without requiring multiple individuals to drop what they are doing and lug around a large, heavy compressor. The equipment is perfect for anyone looking to perform upgrades on their home, and although it may be a little too small for professionals, it is a nice accessory to have on hand.

The Grip-Rite GR100 is a one horsepower air compressor with a one gallon air tank. The equipment is electrical based, so it must be connected to a local power outlet. No oil is required to keep the equipment lubed up and running smoothly, and there is a overload protection with a built in, manual reset, so you never exceed the one horsepower provided by the compressor. On top of this, the entire compressor weighs in at 23 pounds, which is significantly lighter than most other air compressors. There are also two built in gauges, so you are able to see how much pressure is currently built up in the tank, and how much air is inside the tank.

Grip-Rite GR100 Customer Reviews

For anyone looking for a small, portable air compressor, the Grip-Rite GR100 is perfect. The compressor is light weight, and at only 23 pounds, just about anyone is able to carry the device around in one hand, without any trouble at all. The lack of oil lubrication is nice, as this is easy to forget on other models, which results in damage to the compressor. The compressor does not provide the necessary compression for larger tools, but if you are performing finish and trim work, there may be no better option than the Grip-Rite GR100. It is also not gas based, so you never need to worry about the compressor dying out in the middle of the job. It just needs to stay connected to the local power source. The Grip-Rite GR100 is favorably reviewed, with one individual (remaining anonymous) stating “I fix town homes and it doesn’t blow fuses. It keeps up as long as you don’t go crazy nailing. Just remember it is not a two and a half or three gallon compressor. It starts at 105 PSI and stops at 135PSI, so a two and a half nailer works just fine. I get about 10 to 13 shots before recovery. It is light, 50 seconds to fill and 35 seconds to recover. I Love it!!!”

Of course, there are some down sides to the Grip-Rite GR100. To start, it is only a one horsepower compressor with a one gallon tank. This means you are not able to use many heavy duty compression tools with the device. You also need to wait a considerable amount of time for the equipment to recover. This recovery time is non existent, or significantly shorter, when using a larger compressor. On top of this, the compressor must stay connected to a power outlet, and often times it is rather difficult to locate such an outlet when outside. This forces you to purchase an extension cord to connect to electricity. Once connected you need to be careful when moving the portable compressor, otherwise it is going to become detached from power, forcing you to go back to the power source and reconnect it.

If you perform light maintenance on your home or other facility and need a compressor that is portable, The Grip-Rite may be just what you are looking for. The equipment is easy to take care of, and at 23 pounds, it is light enough to be carried anywhere one-handed, giving you another hand free to carry around the rest of your required equipment. The pressure gauge displays the accurate pressure and the amount of air left in the tank, so you always know when the tank is nearing its recovery time. For larger jobs, it is best to obtain a larger tank compressor, but it is hard to beat the Grip-Rites maneuverability. As long as you need a light duty air compressor, the Grip-Rite GR100 with one horsepower and one gallon compressor is perfect for you.

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