DEWALT D55154 Review

DEWALT D55154When people talk about the DEWALT D55154, they are talking about a workhorse. This is a phenomenal air compressor that covers all varieties of use from hobbyists to construction sites. It has a 1.1 horsepower motor with a 4-gallon reserve tank. It provides 4 cubic feet per minute of air at 90 pounds per square inch. The oil lubricated pump provides for added cooling and extended pump life. The fast air recovery rate and dual air stations make this compressor even more impressive. This is truly a heavy-duty air compressor that is powerful, mobile, and dependable.

The DEWALT D55154 is a remarkable air compressor that packs a punch. It has plenty of power to run nail guns, staple guns, air saws, glue guns and blow guns. With an air-cooled pump this air compressor is designed to be operated continuously. A hobbyist or a roofing company can use it. The D55154 is rugged enough to take a licking and keep on going. It comes with a front mounted control panel and provisions for 2 independent air hoses. So you can basically get double the work done with this 2 hose accommodation. The high flow regulator in the D55154 optimizes the airflow for more stable psi readings. Dewalts cast iron cylinder and lubricated pump design makes for a long lasting durable unit. It also comes with 10-inch rubber inflatable wheels that easily roll over just about anything. The con of the D55154 is that it is not broken in at the factory. You must assemble it and run it for 20 minutes with no air pressure prior to using it for work.

The DEWALT D55154 is an extremely mobile rock crawler. With its 10-inch big rubber tires this thing can go over bumps, rocks and debris pretty easily. The air-inflated tires act like shock absorbers and make it easily maneuverable. The D55154 comes with a collapsible handle and a platform on the top of the unit. This platform will allow you to carry up to 100 pounds on top of it while rolling the air compressor to your workplace. This is a very ingenious feature since many of us have tools, air lines and parts that we have to carry and the D55154 makes for an excellent dolly.
Since the Dewalt is built very compact, the maneuverability is impressive. It is easy to lift and get to your jobsite without hurting your back. The only thing I would have designed differently on the D55154 is I would of incorporated a heavier duty handle

The dependability of the DEWALT D55154 is fantastic. It comes with a 3-year warranty from Dewalt. Dewalt has designed the D55154 with the construction site vision in mind. With Dewalt’s easy to read gauges, heavy-duty motor, heavy-duty pump and rugged tires make this little Dewalt air compressor a workhorse that can take a beating. The D55154 is built with a reinforced frame that can handle un-navigable job sites day in and out. Many people in construction consider Dewalt a proven product that has held up time after time. If Dewalt can build an air compressor to take the abuse of a construction site than it will last forever in a hobbyists hands.

DEWALT D55154 Customer Reviews

Here is a customer review of the DEWALT D55154 from A.Gomes July 14, 2011:

“I have been a furniture upholsterer by trade for over 40 years and this Dewalt D55154 does the job nicely. I use it to run my staple guns and glue guns. When I run the compressor hard by having 2 glue guns running at the same time, the compressor tends to run a little warm but it keeps on ticking. I would recommend this air compressor to anyone.”

The D55154, in conclusion, is an excellent air compressor for anyone. If you are a hobbyist or a roofer, it makes no difference. The ruggedness and versatility of the D55154 makes it a very good investment that will last for many years. From the fast air recovery rate to the ease of transporting make this a no brainer. With a reputable name standing behind the DEWALT D55154 with a 3 year warranty, makes this powerhouse air compressor an educated choice for anyone shopping for an air compressor.

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