DEWALT D55151 Review

DEWALT D55151When looking for a new mini travel compressor, the DEWALT D55151 is the machine for you to purchase. It has all the power that a large, full size compressor has, but is constructed in a much lighter unit size, weighing only 58 pounds. It is only 20” X 18.5”X 17.9”, in size, and it is easy to carry around to several job sites, or can easily be used in the home as well. Offering a great build, the great Dewalt brand name, and a very user friendly unit, the user is going to love using this compressor on any job site, or for home use as well. The DEWALT D55151 is also going to offer several great power features, and will not quit on you in any job site, so you will know that you will be able to get the job done, and you will be able to do any job that has to get done, right. One customer claims that they use their compressor to do various repair jobs on their home, and on rental properties they own, with the slightest of ease. They use the compressor to power the nail gun, and have claimed that it offers great power, and has been a very dependable compressor since they have owned it.

There are several pros when considering the DEWALT D55151 compressor. First off, it is lightweight, and small enough to carry around to any job site quite easily, while still offering the same power as larger, full size compressors. It also carries a very powerful name in the industry, so you know you are also going to be able to trust the performance it is going to give. It also runs on gas, therefore it is much more economic to run over an electric compressor unit would be. The unit is able to get 3.2 cubic feet per minute, at 100 psi, and the D55151 offers a durably built and oil lubricated engine, which will not quit in the middle of a job. The unit also comes with a 2/8” regulator, and it comes with an initial fill of synthetic Dewalt oil. The DEWALT D55151 also offers a powerful 14 AMP, 2/5 Horse Power, 4 gallon oiled twin compressor, which is capable of handling larger jobs, but coming in a much smaller package.

DEWALT D55151 Pros & Cons

There are also a few cons to using the DEWALT D55151 compressor, over using a full size compressor. The smaller compressor is not going to be able to handle every single job due to the smaller gallon size, and the limitations that any smaller machine entails. Additionally, it does not perform as well in colder weather, and does take a longer time to start up as well. The machine is also quite loud, in comparison to other hot dog compressor units on the market today. Also, due to the smaller gallon size, the compressor is going to have to be constantly refilled to do larger jobs, especially if working on a commercial project, rather than an at home project job.

Overall, the DEWALT D55151 is a great compressor. The fact that it has the power of a full size compressor, but is so much more transportable, is much easier to take around to jobs, and can be carried around to any job site, makes it something that all consumers are looking to purchase. Consumers love the fact that it is capable of being used both on home projects, as well as on a commercial project, due to the power the machine puts out, and due to the great strength that it has to offer when doing a larger project style of job.

You will notice that the Dewalt brand name carries a strong consumer loyalty. So, if you are on the market for a new compressor, and you are trying to find something that is more user friendly, smaller in size, yet are still going to give you the power that many other small style compressors are not able to get, you should consider the Dewalt brand name for the purchase. For your next new compressor, either for home or for commercial style use, you should consider the DEWALT D55151 for the purchase choice.

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