DEWALT D55146 Review

DEWALT D55146The DEWALT D55146 air compressor is a formidable workhorse. This heavy-duty 4.5 gallon, 200 psi air compressor can accommodate 2 separate air lines for 2 people to work simultaneously. Its 78-dba operating noise level is bar none the quietest in the industry. This air compressor has a vertical stand feature and its carry handle collapses making it easy to store upright when you don’t need it. The D55146 produces 5.2 SCFM of air at 90 PSI and its recovery time is very fast. The D55146 also has a 200-psi maximum storage tank pressure. This workhorse air compressor will provide you with 80 percent more air than any industry leader.

The reliability of the DEWALT D55146 is an industry standard. These air compressors are manufactured with the highest quality parts and workmanship. The Dewalt will give you years of trouble free service in both the home and workplace. These air compressors are built to exacting standards and are all tested before they leave the Dewalt factory. Rest assured, when you buy a Dewalt air compressor, you are buying a machine that is built to last.

The portability of the DEWALT D55146 is an attribute that makes this little powerhouse extremely versatile. With its vertical stand, no job is too near or too far. The Dewalt can be easily transported to a jobsite and then unloaded by one person. With its built in wheels it can be rolled with extreme ease to any location. Big hefty air compressors can do the same job but by sacrificing mobility and portability. If you are a contractor, painter or roofer this portable air compressor is for you. At the end of the day you would just need to unhook and roll up your air lines and then roll your Dewalt air compressor to your work truck. This is an extremely easy and time saving attribute that will save you both time and money. It would be nice if Dewalt made some type of loading ramp.

The power of the DEWALT D55146 should not be under estimated. Its 200-psi of maximum tank storage pressure gives this machine significant air reserves. The recovery time of this air compressor is also very fast which will allow you to continue working with less down time waiting for the air compressor to recharge itself with air. The Dewalt comes with 2 hose attachments so you will be able to run two independent air lines simultaneously. This means that you can have 2 workers using nail guns on a roofing job at the same time. This will allow you to finish your jobs on time or ahead of time. If Dewalt would have made their tank a little bigger, it could of have accommodated a 3rd air line.

The quietness of the DEWALT D55146 makes this air compressor an optimum choice for a job site. Many of us like to listen to radios while we work or even hear someone talking to us. The Dewalt has a 78-dba-noise level. That is by far the quietest in the industry. What if your cell phone rings or a dangerous situation presents itself, wouldn’t you like to hear someone yelling to you? Dewalt has thought of reducing the noise levels in this air compressor for this very reason. When safety becomes a concern then Dewalt responds. This noise level reduction attribute make the D55146 the safest in the industry.

The reliability of the DEWALT D55146 is bar none one of most reliable air compressors you can buy. Dewalt has been has been making industry standard power tools. They manufacture more than 200 power hand tools and 800 accessories. Dewalt has been around since 1936 and has grown due to their solid reputation. They understand that construction tools must be made rugged for day in and day out hard work. Their reputation in the construction industry is synonymous with being reliable day in and day out.

DEWALT D55146 Customer Reviews

Here is a review of the D55146 on November 1, 2011 by Hugo Rivero:
“I am very happy with my Dewalt 55146 air compressor. The compressor is very powerfull while being very quiet. It does everything I need it to do in my upholstery shop.”

Ultimately, all of us eventually make a choice based on our needs and pocketbooks. There is always a compromise to be made when buying an air compressor. Cheap isn’t always the best nor is the most expensive worth its weight in gold. So now we must make a choice based on company reputation. This for one is a selling point for me. When the saying “when in Rome do as the Romans do” is applied to my line of thought as I walk through multiple construction sites and only see Dewalt tools. The choice is obviously the DEWALT D55146.

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