DEWALT D55141R Review

DEWALT D55141RFor a great new compressor, ease of use, transportability, and a great brand name, you are going to want to consider the DEWALT D55141R for your new compressor unit. Not only are you going to find the power you are looking for, but you will also get a solid built compressor, that is going to be able to handle any job, and complete any task you need, in a much smaller size than a full size compressor. The fact that it is so small, and offers the ease of movability, is going to allow you to take it with you to any job site, and to do any task while using your DEWALT D55141R, and getting the very best power and performance you are hoping to get.

DEWALT D55141R Pros & Cons

There are many pros to using the DEWALT D55141R compressor. You are of course getting a portable compressor, which can be taken to any job site. You are also getting a great brand name, power, and a light weight build, that is easy to use anywhere. You can also get up to 150 PSI units in a very quick turnaround time, and the noise level is quite low, compared to other compressors on the market today. Additionally, for smaller jobs, and for running smaller hand and power tools, you are going to find that the unit is really by far the best compressor to get the job done, and to have several smaller connections running.

When looking at the cons, there are also a few to consider if you want to purchase the DEWALT D55141R unit. It does have an aluminum base, which can make it a bit weaker than other compressors being sold. Additionally, although it is wireless, it is only for a certain distance, and after reaching that level, you have to connect it to the wall to keep it running, which can restrict the space you have to do certain jobs. Also, the unit will require a break period when you are doing larger jobs, so this can definately slow you down, especially when you are in a hurry, or doing a larger job that already takes more time to complete.

One customer claims that they had been searching for a new compressor for a few months, when they came upon the DEWALT D55141R unit. They stated that it is small and portable enough to take to any job they have to do, and will connect nail guns, hoses, and several other air tools, to get the best performance, when they are using it on any job, and to do any task. They also claim it is light weight enough to take to several jobs, while offering the power they need, in such a small unit. Although there are a few cons as far as space restrictions, and time constraints when using the DEWALT D55141R compressor, you are going to find that it still offers an exceptional machine, great power, and a unit that is well worth the purchase. Plus, for the price, you are not going to find a better unit out on the market today, that is going to give you the levels of power that the D551141R is going to get for you. Not only are you going to get that great power, but you are also going to find that you will have the best performance, and the best unit to connect smaller hand tools to use at your discretion. So, although it might require a few shut offs during use, in order to regain power, it is still a much more powerful unit than other compressors being sold today.

So, when considering your new air compressor, if you are looking for power and performance, and want to get the best unit on the market, you are going to want to consider a Dewalt. Taking the time to compare the performance and the quality of the compressors to purchase, and find the best unit is what has to be done, prior to purchase. You are going to find that there are several compressors to consider, so taking the time to do so will ensure you pick hte best one. So, when you are finally ready to make the purchase, you are going to want to make the DEWALT D55141R compressor, the unit of choice for your final purchase decision.

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