DEWALT D55141 Review

DEWALT D55141The DeWalt D55141 is a hotdog design compressor. It is among the leading compressor models in terms of performance and ease of use. It is an ideal companion for the nail gun when working on medium and even heavy impact jobs. The features of this compressor are as follows.

It features a 2.0 gallon tank making the DeWalt D55141 compressor lighter than the average compressors available today. The compressor features two couplers which allows users to connect two pressure tools and use them simultaneously. The oil free pump runs at 2200 rounds per minute. It is powered by a 120V-60Hz universal motor which runs at 8AMPs. It is a belt driven compressor and has a horsepower of 0.6. It comes with a roll cage which protects the compressor from physical damage. Its control panel also helps protect the DeWalt D55141 compressor’s components from mechanical damage. This compressor features a ball valve drain. It weighs 30 pounds and has a height of 10.5 inches when laid flat. The compressor can deliver 2.0 square cubic feet per minute air volume at 90 pounds per square inch (psi). It can also deliver a maximum 150psi. it has been tested and found to have low noise levels of 79dBA. The unit comes with a convenient cord wrap. Dewalt offers a 1 year warranty on this compressor. In addition, there is a one year free service contract and 30 day money back guarantee offer by the manufacturer.

DEWALT D55141 Pros & Cons

Some of the advantages of the DeWalt D55141 0.6hp compressor include the following. It is a lightweight compressor. Other competing compressors weigh much more than the 30lb of the d55141. Its light weight makes it ultra portable especially for the travelling professional. Its compact size makes it space efficient and the cord wrap makes storage even easier. This compressor is designed to protect the user from noise. The 79dBA rating on the d55141 makes it about 50% quieter than other competing compressor models. The two couplers allow enables this compressor be used by two users. This saves on both time and money. At 2.0 SCFM at 90psi, this compressor can be used for a variety of heavy duty impact jobs. The maximum 150psi enables the use of larger nails during work. Since the motor requires 8AMPs power rating, the user doesn’t have to worry about blinking lights during startup or tripping of circuit breakers. An oil free pump ensures that users have long periods of use without regular maintenance checks. The 20 gallon tank is easy to fill.

The DeWalt D55141 also has its share of disadvantages which include the following. This compressor isn’t designed to remove any water vapor which forms after the air is condensed. Unfortunately, without any adjustments, the water will find its way into the tools. The compressor motor might start to overheat after repeated heavy duty use. Many people find that they have to run the motor repeatedly after the tank runs out of compressed air which might cause the overheated motor. Another noted disadvantage of the DeWalt D55141 compressor is leaking after a few months of use. This can be the result of the use of low quality seals for the tank. Here’s what one customer said about this compressor.

I bought this compressor due to its compact design and pricing. I must say that I was impressed during the first month of use. My business partner and I used it for different repairs contracts with our nailing guns. However, vapor started building up in the tank and the water found its way to my nailing gun. I fixed this by creating a small vapor outlet which prevented the water from building up and running into the nailing gun. I thought this solved the problem. After another month, the tank started leaking from beneath. Since the free service period wasn’t over, I sent the compressor to a dewalt repairs shop in town. They took about two weeks to fix this. Since then the compressor worked well until it started leaking again and the motor started to overheat. I’m still contemplating replacing the piece or sending it over for repairs. all in all, I’m still using it although its efficiency isn’t as good as it was when I bought it.

It would be harsh to conclude that this compressor is the worst in the market. It isn’t the best either. Its features make it among the best in its category and given the 1 year warranty and free service contract, the DeWalt D55141 is a good buy for those don’t mind sacrificing amazing product features for possible mechanical problems sometime down the line.

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