DEWALT D55140 Review

DEWALT D55140DeWalt D55140 is a one person compressor that promises to deliver efficient yet dependable performance. This model features one gallon tank and an electric motor with the strength of 2.6 amp. That makes compressor strong enough to deliver 0.75 SCFM at 90 PSI with 135 PSI being its maximum output, enough for a quick recovery and a powerful surge performance. DeWalt D55140 is engineered to be very durable being iron cast and strengthened with a roll cage. There is also fully protected frame and a wrapper that is design to protect it from daily tear and wear. With a variety of possible add-on, the compressor can perform number of different tasks. By purchasing optional air brush too kit, it can work great for performing number of different and challenging paint jobs. It is also great for trim jobs and diverse carpentry work. And since it is very controllable, it can be used for inflating all sorts of tires including those of huge trucks or small bicycles. Sincerely, it is designed as much for novice users as for experienced carpenters, painters and craftsmen.

However, an optional and diverse functionality is not its only strong point. Weighting only 24 pounds and measuring 22 inches in length and 20 inches in width with a height of less than 5 inches, DeWalt D55140 is a very compact and portable model. Since a single user can so easily maneuver and move it around, it has an edge over some bulky models from its competitors. Another of its advantages is its relative quiet mode of operation with the compressor creating maximum of only 69 dB of noise. Also, DeWalt D55140 is a compressor with an oil free, yet long durable pump. This eliminates the need of constant monitoring and refilling of pump’s oil, and thus permits complete maintenance free operation. Furthermore, without presence of oil, job sites and finished products are in generally considerably cleaner.

Yet, there are few points of concern that users have to be aware off. Sincerely, DeWalt D55140 is not designed for around the clock operation. Those professional users who need to run a compressor for 10 hours a day and five days a week would be disappointed with this model. It is just not made for that amount of workload. Even its speed when using it with a nailer of around 7-10 per minute makes it very slow when compared to other nailer optimized models. Also, it has somewhat of a short warranty life of only 1 year, and some models are found to be dead on arrival and might have to be returned to exchange them for new ones.

DEWALT D55140 Customer Reviews

But nevertheless, consider this actual user review of DeWalt D55140: ‘This air compressor has worked very well for me over a few years. I appreciate its light weight and the resulting portability, and its relative quietness. Recently the fuse in the pump unit has blown a couple of times. I contacted DeWalt to ask about a replacement for the air hose that connects the pump unit manifold to the air tank. The hose on my compressor developed a leak, perhaps as a result of having to disassemble the pump unit to replace the fuse (the air hose replacement part is not shown on the parts diagram for Type 1 but it is shown on the diagram for Type 2 units). While discussing the replacement hose with the rep I asked about the blown fuse problem that I experienced, and that has been reported in many of the “Comments” for this product. I was told by him that the primary cause of the blown fuse is because of the use of long extension cords to power the unit. This was the situation in my circumstances. Apparently, the standard power loss through a long extension cord is sufficient to under-power the compressor. The rep suggestion was to use a longer air hose.’ by Jane Marshall from Kenmore, WA.

The bottom line is that if you need highly mobile and easy to operate compressor to help you with a wide variety of tasks then you should defiantly consider this model. This is especially true since its price and prices of its possible accessories are so surprisingly attractive. So get your DeWalt D55140 compressor right now!

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