All Power America APC4016-A Review

All Power America APC4016-A If you are in need for a high powered air compressor for all your construction needs, you may want to consider the All Power America APC4016-A air compressor. This device allows you to power up just about any air compressed based device, with a reduced reload time. With the reduced time you are able to complete your work faster and move onto another task or go home sooner. Of course, before you go out and purchase the All Power America APC4016-A, you need to make sure it fits all of your necessary needs.

The All Power America APC4016-A has a six gallon tank with up to 3.5 horsepower. The equipment does require oil lubrication in order to ensure a long service life, and it comes with a 25 foot coil hose, This allows you to move far away from the air compressor, without needing to move it every time you walk further away. On top of this, there are two heavy duty wheels built into the back of the air compressor, allowing for easily movement. It is not designed to be carried, but the wheels do allow you to pull the air compressor to anyplace you need to go on the job site. The rubber tires are not easily punctured, so any construction zone is safe while moving the equipment.

All Power America APC4016-A Customer Reviews

The All Power America APC4016-A comes with 15 different accessories, which is helpful in reducing the overall price you must pay when going out and buying additional features for the hardware. This is a large time and financial saver for you or your construction company. With the 3.5 horsepower, you are able to use just about any air pressure based device, and with the built in wheels, you can go just about anywhere with the equipment. The air pressure tank is heavy, so you probably can’t lift the material manually to go on top of roofs, but the 25 food coil hose ensures this is not necessary. Plus, with the six gallon tank, the recovery time for the All Power America APC4016-A is significantly reduced, so you aren’t constantly waiting for the tank to refill after a few pumps from your nail gun. One positive review from J. Benson “Whilejoe” in Florida states “This does have everything you need to get started and great standard cubic feet a minute for anything in this price range…This is a great work horse and really not very loud. It actually is a lot quieter than those cheap ones that plug into the car lighter.”

There are a few negatives involved with the All Power America APC4016-A, so take everything into consideration before going out and purchasing the equipment. To start, the pressure gauge is rather difficult to see and read, so it is sometimes hard to know exactly what the pressure build up is on the air compressor. On top of this, you also need to lube up the equipment in order to maintain the hardware. This is easy to forget, and if you do, the life of the material may be significantly reduced, causing you to either take the equipment into a local repair shop, or possibly purchase new equipment all together. When you order the compressor make sure to check it completely over for any damage. One reviewer going by RP said “Motor didn’t start due to a cut capacitor wire. Fixed the capacitor wire and it started okay. Had to suck tape the power switch box and pump cover. Missing a quick connector coupler in the fitting set.”

As long as you double check the equipment after you purchase it, the All Power American power compressor generally comes in solid condition. With the 3.5 horsepower and six gallon tank, you are able to use just about any tool or equipment that requires compressed air. Plus, with the built in handle and heavy duty wheels, it is easy to move the equipment around to any location on the job site. The hardware also comes with 15 additional accessories, reducing the amount of equipment you need to purchase after the compressor. If you want a solid air compressor, capable of performing all your necessary jobs, the All Power America APC4016-A is just what you’re looking for.

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